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John J Murphy Personal Computer Business

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Who AM I

Accomplished & Results Driven Enterprise Solutions Architect

I focus mainly on Microsoft-related technologies with in-depth experience in design, implementation, training and management expertise with the following technologies:

  • Microsoft 365 Licensing 

  • Microsoft 365 Admin Center

  • Microsoft 365 Defender (Security)

  • Microsoft 365 Purview (Compliance)

  • Microsoft Entra (Identity / Security)

  • Microsoft Intune (Device Managment)

  • Windows OS

  • Microsoft 365 Apps  

  • Microsoft On-Premises Infrastructure 

  • Microsoft Co-Existence

My many years of IT experience has given me the ability to become a visionary and results-oriented individual who synthesizes business facts, events, and concepts to produce realistic and long-range plans for the development of the company. I am adept at providing excellent service and have been recognized for my professionalism, creativity, positive attitude, and commitment to excellence.  As a self-motivated IT Solution Architect with the ability to work both independently and in a team environment, I have demonstrated strong interpersonal and communication skills coupled with vision, business insight and astute negotiation abilities.

The philosophy is to focus on:

  • Tailored Training: Offer separate training tracks for both companies and administrators. Companies can learn the benefits of E3/E5 features and how they improve productivity, while administrators delve into license management, user provisioning, and security settings within the Microsoft 365 admin portals.

  • Interactive Learning: Incorporate hands-on activities and real-world scenarios into your training. This allows companies to see the direct impact of E3/E5 functionalities and equips administrators with practical experience navigating the admin portals.

  • Focus on Value: Help companies understand how E3/E5 licensing aligns with their specific needs. Train administrators to optimize license assignments and leverage advanced features that justify the E3/E5 investment.

  • Admin Portal Deep Dive: Provide in-depth training on the Microsoft 365 admin center, Azure Active Directory, and other relevant portals. Cover user management, security settings, data governance, and automation tools to empower administrators for effective M365 administration.

  • Ongoing Support: Offer post-training resources and support options. This could include access to knowledge bases, Q&A sessions, or even additional training modules to address emerging needs and updates within the M365 ecosystem.

    • Ensuring safety from ransomware spyware, viruses, and data loss.

    • Offer access to knowledge base articles and Q&A sessions to address lingering questions.

    • Solving problems in an honest and efficient manner.

Get in Touch

If you need assistance or questions with any of the above Microsoft technologies, please fill out the below. I will get back to you ASAP!

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